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Philipp Man on watches, entrepreneurship and leadership

Philipp Man says his venture CHRONEXT isn't trying to reinvent the wheel, or even the watch. Instead, the goal of the luxury watches online marketplace is to cater to a traditional but sophisticated clientele who revere the precision of a…

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2018 Network: Chronext.

Leadership in conversation: Marty Wikstrom

Marty Wikstrom recently presented to the Cambridge MBA class as part of the Leadership in Action speaker series. Martha "Marty" Wikstrom has had an illustrious global career in retail management and strategy to date. She is the Chairman of Harrys…

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Neri Karra, CEO & Creative Director of Neri Karra

Neri Karra (PhD in Management Studies, 2005) built her luxury leather goods business up from nothing but ambition, family and an insatiable desire to learn. Neri Karra was just 11 when she became one of the estimated 360,000 Turkish people…

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Male and alone on Valentine’s Day? It could cost you

Men indulge in luxury goods after they have been romantically rejected, while women go for expensive treats when their lovelife is on the up, new research shows A study by marketing academics has concluded that when men have been rejected…

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Okapi sets course to become Africa’s first luxury brand

Think of luxury brands and the imagination instantly speeds off to Paris, Milan, London and New York. South Africa is not the first place that springs to mind and it's this very perception that a new company is seeking to…

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