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management science

No bangers in the UK

It’s often said that Britain’s car industry is in decline, but research from Dr Matthias Holweg suggests the real story is very different. “Britain hasn’t lost its motor industry. It has just lost its national car company,” says Dr Matthias…

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2013 features holweg nooldbangers

Swift, even flow

Don't simply reduce overheads, material and labour to drive productivity; instead identify and deal with the variation, or waste, in existing processes explains Professor Roger Schmenner All kinds of processes whether in manufacturing, service industries or those used to operate…

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2012 podcast schmenner swift even flow

Shift to services vital for UK industry

Research reveals 12 steps for executives who want to follow a business model innovation approach to service provision The economy of three quarters of the developed world relies on the standalone service sector. However, 40 per cent of manufacturers now…

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Professor andy neely

A total solution

What do we know about global trends in the servitisation of manufacturing? Professor Andy Neely, Fellow in Business Performance Measurement & Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, and Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance, who recently wrote the paper Servitization…

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Professor andy neely

A school for business

The recession is being felt by business schools around the globe. The future will be tough, good business schools will survive and transform themselves, but others will rationalise. What we need is a new model; what we need is "a…

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Does Britain need a car industry?

Dr Matthias Holweg, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, explains why the UK government needs to stop its ambivalent attitude towards the declining UK car industry, which although still competitive, is very fragile. It needs to fight…

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2009 podcast holweg does britain need a car industry

Managing the leaders

In these credit crunch times, organisations need to be able to act smarter and effectively do more with the less. Highly motivated and talented people will therefore be at a premium. However, what makes these individuals creative and innovative can…

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2009 podcast derond managing the leaders

The logic of luck

Today's ICT revolution is changing the way corporations, governments and non-profits are organised. The pyramid hierarchy is being replaced by a complex network of nodes where command and control has little leverage. Successful leaders will now be those who can…

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2009 podcast meyer logic of luck

Leaning towards a transformation

In the current contracting economy, the pressure to achieve better cost savings is higher than ever. In the fourth edition of The Lean Toolbox Dr Matthias Holweg, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, and his co-author John…

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2009 podcast holweg leaning towards a transformation