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Collective feelings matter

Study co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge Business School says employees feel worse at work in less consumer-centric industries such as manufacturing, with consequences for workplace strain and absenteeism. Employees at less consumer-focused industries such as manufacturing feel…

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Recycling luxury

Luxury auto makers can reduce waste and boost profit margins by adopting 'circular economy' strategies, says article in World Economic Forum co-authored by Dr Khaled Soufani of Cambridge Judge. The luxury auto manufacturing industry can reduce waste and boost profit…

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Changing the world? Here’s your playbook.

If you really want to change the world, this is how to do it, one play at a time. Picture this: a campaign group has identified a harmful chemical, and wants to campaign for its removal from consumer products. But…

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Industrial plant and equipment: Industrial Excellence Awards came to the UK

Coverage of the first UK Industrial Excellence Award competition, backed by CJBS and led by Dr Jane Davies, University Lecturer in Operations Management at CJBS. The prestigious award, previously won by BMW, Siemens and Airbus, is now open to UK…

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Industrial Excellence Award comes to the UK

UK companies invited to showcase excellence in manufacturing via the first UK Industrial Excellence Award competition, backed by the University of Cambridge Judge Business School A prestigious award previously won by companies like BMW, Siemens and Airbus is now open…

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Competitive advantage through new business models (Cambridge Service Alliance Conference)

As European economies bump along the bottom a new approach to manufacturing industries is helping to make businesses more successful in the longer term. Companies which have traditionally manufactured products are now branching out into the service sector. "The Servitisation…

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A total solution

What do we know about global trends in the servitisation of manufacturing? Professor Andy Neely, Fellow in Business Performance Measurement & Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, and Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance, who recently wrote the paper Servitization…

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