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Matthias Holweg

No bangers in the UK

It’s often said that Britain’s car industry is in decline, but research from Dr Matthias Holweg suggests the real story is very different. “Britain hasn’t lost its motor industry. It has just lost its national car company,” says Dr Matthias…

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Challenges for the global motor industry

The resurgence of the motor industry in Britain prompts a wider debate around worldwide automotive production and marketing According to Dr Christos Pitelis, Director of the Centre for International Business and Management (CIBAM) at Cambridge Judge Business School, the global…

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Dr Matthias Holweg, CPEI: The second automotive century: towards a new economic foundation

CIBAM's 2013 Distinguished Lecture on the 'Global Automotive Industry' produced a very broad and encouraging international picture, with Britain well-positioned for success. A strong list of guests including academics whose areas of interest include the automotive sector took part alongside…

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Who killed Saab Automobile?

Saab Automobile "collapsed under weight of its own contradictions" says a report released today, 20 December 2011. The report, by Matthias Holweg of Cambridge Judge Business School and Nick Oliver of the University of Edinburgh Business School, examines the 62-year…

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For global supply read local

Factors other than natural disasters such as the recent one in Japan are reshaping the entire global supply chain system A side effect of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and subsequent energy crisis in Japan has focused attention on worldwide supply…

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Dr matthias holweg

Does Britain need a car industry?

Dr Matthias Holweg, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, explains why the UK government needs to stop its ambivalent attitude towards the declining UK car industry, which although still competitive, is very fragile. It needs to fight…

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Leaning towards a transformation

In the current contracting economy, the pressure to achieve better cost savings is higher than ever. In the fourth edition of The Lean Toolbox Dr Matthias Holweg, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, and his co-author John…

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2009 podcast holweg leaning towards a transformation

Who killed MG Rover?

In April 2005, when the assembly lines at the Longbridge plant ground to a halt after a century of car production, the British nation wanted to know: Who had murdered MG Rover? The answer to this seemed simple: it was…

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