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MBA careers

I want to be … an entrepreneur

We all know it takes passion and determination to be a successful entrepreneur. But here we discuss with experts and MBA alumni what other vital factors make it possible. The sector specialist – Simon Stockley Coach on the Cambridge MBA…

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Record employment success for Cambridge MBA graduates

The newly released employment report for Cambridge MBA graduates reveals 95 per cent of graduates received job offers just three months after conferral of their degree. As in previous years, the report demonstrated the powerful career transitions enabled by the…

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I want to be … a marketing/branding specialist

Think marketing is all about long lunches and creative flourishes? Think again. Clear-minded business awareness is just as important as an eye for what makes a good poster, as our panel of experts and Cambridge MBA alumni can testify. The…

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Denis Kaminskiy, Director and Co-Founder of Arcus Global

Denis Kaminskiy (Cambridge MBA 2008) is passionate about disrupting public sector computer services – saving the taxpayer a pile of money in the process. It wasn't so long ago that Denis Kaminskiy and his colleague Lars Malmquist were facing up…

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I want to be … a business leader

"You have leadership potential": it's what we all want to hear. But what does it really mean? And how do you take that step up? Our experts tell you what it means to be a leadership prospect – and how…

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I want to be … an investment banker

The typical picture of investment banking - unforgiving hours and relentless pressure - means it's not a job for the faint-hearted. But for those ready to accept the challenge, the rewards, intellectual and financial, can be massive. Our experts lift…

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