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MBA careers

What is it like to be a woman in one of today’s top global business schools?

We speak to two Forté Foundation scholars about their outlook and experiences as they journey deeper across the Cambridge MBA programme at Cambridge Judge Business School. "I think as women we count ourselves out of the race if it is…

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A female founder’s story

Female founder and entrepreneur Ashwini Anburajan (Cambridge MBA 2009) outlines her journey to startup 22xFund in New York, USA, disrupting and re-inventing the venture capital landscape along the way. "When I started as a female founder of an ad tech…

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Where are Cambridge MBA alumni now? The real stories behind this year’s employment statistics

We caught up with some of our alumni at their graduation and asked them about their current roles and the work they did to secure them while at the School. The 'switcher' – Tom Stanley This is something demonstrated by…

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Artificial intelligence and big data consulting: doing black magic with the world’s ‘new oil’?

Lead Data Scientist at BCG Gamma consulting and Cambridge MBA alumnus, Iman Karimi (MBA 2010), talks about big data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence and its impact on society and companies. A conversation with Cambridge MBA Executive Director Conrad Chua…

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Winning at stress

How to build your resilience in preparation for leadership. Dr Helena Kim Sometimes spurring us on, sometimes overwhelming us, stress is our most faithful companion throughout our careers. So how can we turn it to our advantage? Visiting executive coach…

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Business Because: AMBA launches new business school accreditation to rival AACSB

The Association of MBAs (AMBA), a British accreditation body, has launched the Business Graduates Association (BGA) focusing on responsible management, positive impact, and lifelong learning. Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, commented: “Students…

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Nikkei Asian Review: Asia’s fastest growing tech companies

A company started by a Cambridge Judge alumnus is among the top 30 fastest-growing companies in Asia. Sachin Jain (MBA 2008) is CEO and co-founder of Oriano Clean energy, which specialises in the design and installation of solar power plants.…

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Will an MBA make you truly ‘global’?

As economic and political trends continue to change at pace around the world, can business schools equip students to flex to these developments, and continue to make an impact globally? Can they keep up with what's happening out there in…

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‘Five golden tips’ for the holiday season

As the holiday season is upon us, we took a moment out to ask our staff on the MBA team for their tips on how to use this period wisely, if an MBA is on the agenda for you in…

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And family comes too

Family comes first, and the Cambridge MBA offers a wide range of opportunities and experiences for partners as well as families, making it an exciting move for everyone involved. For many MBAs, starting their studies at business school involves a…

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