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Meet the Cambridge MBA Class of 2018

Another international cohort of 206 start their Cambridge MBA, representing 51 nationalities, and coming from industries as diverse as technology, healthcare and the not-for-profit sector. In September we welcomed the newest cohort of MBA students to Cambridge Judge Business School.…

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Where could an internship take you?

Customising your MBA experience is something you will be encouraged to do from day one at Cambridge, and electing to do an internship can be a great way of doing it. We spoke to some Cambridge MBAs about their internship…

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Around the world in 30 days: the impact of the Global Consulting Project

As our current Cambridge MBA cohort return to the School, having spent four weeks with clients working on Global Consulting Projects (GCPs), they've been reflecting on their experiences and the impact they've made. GCPs this year reflect an increased focus…

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Who do you think you are?

When looking for a rewarding career, the best ally in the search is you. Can the Cambridge MBA help you on your journey of self-discovery? It's fair to say that most traditional education trajectories do not normally encourage us to…

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Careers outcomes for Cambridge MBA class of 2016/17

Transformative effect of Cambridge MBA continues with 95 per cent switching either country, job function or industry sector. The latest Cambridge MBA employment report, just published, has revealed that 95 per cent of job seekers from the 2016/17 class made…

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Knowing your value

How women can close the pay negotiation gap. Recent discussions on the gender pay gap have surfaced another gender disparity – the negotiation gap. On International Women's Day we look at how female MBAs can hone their bargaining skills and…

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Financial Times: How to break into venture capital

A Financial Times article about business schools and how they can help with careers in venture capital companies. Carol Cheung, an investment associate at Cambridge Innovation Capital and alumna of the Cambridge MBA programme (MBA 2012), is featured in the…

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What’s it like to work at A.T. Kearney?

A need for entrepreneurialism, creativity and flexibility laid a path to the door of A.T. Kearney for Cambridge MBA alumna, Tatiana Goncherova (MBA 2014). Now, after two years with the global consulting firm, she reflects on what drew her and…

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What’s it like to work at The Fung Group?

With three strong core values running through its DNA, the Fung Group, one of Asia’s largest multinationals, knows exactly who they are looking for and what they expect a Fung Group employee to be. Cambridge MBA 2015 Aik Lim joined…

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What’s it like to work at Microsoft?

As Microsoft surfs the waves of culture change instigated by a visionary new CEO, what’s working at the tech giant like for a Cambridge MBA set to become one of the company’s future leaders? Ruchika Raj (MBA 2016) is very…

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