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MBAs accelerate into entrepreneurs

If you're a would-be entrepreneur considering an MBA, how crucial is it to choose a business school with an accelerator? Cambridge MBA graduate entrepreneurs currently going through Cambridge Judge Business School's Accelerate Cambridge programme, based within the Entrepreneurship Centre, talk…

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Five reasons an MBA admissions interview is like a first date

Like a first date, the MBA admissions interview can be nerve-racking because you want to present the best side of yourself. Here are five pieces of advice for approaching it. Think about what you bring Just like a relationship, an…

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Career outcomes for Cambridge MBAs

95 per cent receive job offers three months out. The latest Cambridge MBA Employment Report, just published, has revealed that 95 per cent of graduates from the 2014/5 class received job offers just three months after completing the programme -…

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Exploring culture – new app is redefining museum experiences for visitors

Have you ever found museum visits dry or unengaging? New app Cultrex, launched by two Cambridge MBA graduates, uses the latest mobile technology to revolutionise your cultural experiences. "Imagine you're standing in the middle of a historical site, looking at…

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Hitting the target – how to get the job you want after your one-year MBA

Your career expectations for after your MBA may be sky-high - but how do you navigate the opportunities available to you at business school to make your aspirations a reality? The main thing to remember, says Shelley Hogg, Head of…

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MBAs in demand: why this year’s job offers are on the up

This January, Cambridge MBA students have received a record number of job offers at this point in the academic year compared to previous years – and this trend looks set to continue. "The job market for MBAs is really picking…

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So you want to work in … consulting

In this podcast series we go behind the scenes to give you a feel for what it's really like to work in some of the most coveted careers and companies. In this podcast Cambridge MBA Ajay Arora (ex-BBC) is joined…

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Facing challenges at work? Why focusing on ‘not so soft’ skills can unlock your potential

They're often called "soft skills" but the reality is they're anything but: the skills you learn to help you deal with people are not only some of the hardest things to learn but could also make a massive difference to…

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Working the network: how to turn your MBA team projects into job offers

If learning in a bubble is what you’re after from your MBA experience, then the Cambridge MBA may not be for you. A highlight of the course is being able to put learning into practice, whether that’s through regular networking…

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Account of the 2015 Singapore trek

by Hui Lynn Tan (MBA 2015) 26 August 2015: Introduction Session by Jonathan Kwan, Careers Consultant The meeting room Marie II of York Hotel, Singapore was bustling with noise before the anointed time of 17:00. The first few questions thrown…

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