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Qiang Xiao, Professor Jaideep Prabhu and Sir Martin Rees: What future for the media?

Not since Gutenburg invented the printing press in the 1450s has the world experienced such a defining shift in how people communicate with one another. The first book to ever be printed was the Bible in Latin, and now six…

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2010 podcast prabhu xiao rees future for the media

Dame Patricia Hodgson, BBC Trust: Media, arts and culture – what role for leaders?

If success in the creative sector is crucially dependent on a combination of talent and popular response to it, what role is there for leaders and managers? Talented individuals are notoriously difficult to manage and public reactions to arts and…

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Patricia Hodgson.

Green shoots of recovery, anyone?

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences: the maxim of the 'self fulfilling prophecy'. Forecasts that are sufficiently believed, cause people to act in ways that make the prediction come true. Forecasts about the economy…

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2009 podcast kattuman green shoots of recovery