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Hispanic Outlook: Lost in translation Hispanics victimized by America’s third leading cause of death

David Lenihan, CEO of Ponce Health Sciences University and an alumnus of the Executive MBA programme at Cambridge Judge Business School (EMBA 2016), is interviewed by Hispanic Outlook, in which he discusses the make-up of medical school graduates from the…

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Breaking Health: Can Tiber Health CEO David Lenihan disrupt how we teach our future physicians?

In the eyes of Tiber Health CEO David Lenihan, MD currently on Executive MBA class (EMBA 2016) at Cambridge Judge Business School, the “medical school model” is broken. Can his venture-backed startup Tiber Health teach future physicians more effectively and…

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Expanding medical education

Executive MBA participant David Lenihan seeks to transform medical education to address a severe shortage of healthcare workers, using a once-struggling medical school in Puerto Rico as the launchpad. David Lenihan For David Lenihan, an Executive MBA participant at Cambridge…

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‘East and West’ – integrating Chinese and Western medical practices

Two Executive MBA participants from Cambridge Judge Business School presented a feasibility study to the Czech Ministry of Health on integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine. The University Hospital of Hradec Králové is affiliated with Charles University in the Czech Republic, where…

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Honours for use of big data for doctors

Cambridge Judge MBA team wins second prize in the Wharton People Analytics Conference case competition, focusing on improving doctor experience in Médecins Sans Frontières‎. A team of three students from the MBA programme at Cambridge Judge Business School placed second…

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Improving patient experience with an Executive MBA

When you picture someone on an MBA programme, you may think of a banker, lawyer or finance manager; but would you imagine someone in scrubs? The 2015 Executive MBA (EMBA) class is a diverse group of 63 participants from a…

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Doctors and clinicians move into management roles with an EMBA

When clinicians and medical executives plan a move into general management, the value of a formal business qualification often becomes apparent - and the Executive MBA (EMBA) at Cambridge Judge Business School is proving to be increasingly popular for the…

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