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Michael Barrett

Hospital IT and reputation

A new study co-authored by Stavros Polykarpou and Michael Barrett of Cambridge Judge Business School focuses on the ongoing and potentially fickle relationship between hospital IT investment and the hospital's reputation. Owing to institutional pressures including funding and organisational constraints,…

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Technology and turf

3D printing holds great potential for hospitals, but a study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School cautions that such tech advances also risk tensions through workplace "boundary" disputes. Three-dimensional printing, in which computers are used to layer or otherwise bond…

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Bridging the research-practice divide

Academics can "talk funny," according to many practitioners. A four-prong framework proposed in a new paper by Professor Michael Barrett of Cambridge Judge along with co-author Professor Eivor Oborn aim to help academics widen the impact of their research and…

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Best paper award for study on global refugee crises

A paper on humanitarian accountability in refugee crises by Cambridge Judge PhD candidate Corinna Frey, with Professor Michael Barrett, wins Best Student Paper award at the annual conference of the European Group for Organizational Studies.   The research paper won…

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European Pharmaceutical Review: Collaboration is ‘game changer’ in delivering cell and gene therapies

Michael Barrett, Professor of Information Systems & Innovation Studies at Cambridge Judge, is recognised as one of the reviewers of a new paper “Adaptation through Collaboration: Developing Novel Platforms to Advance the Delivery of Advanced Therapies to Patients,” written by…

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Sometimes it works better to make changes quietly

The most profound National Health Service reforms may come from low-cost initiatives that operate “in the shadows” because they escape resistance from vested interests, says a study at Cambridge Judge Business School. “We found that reform initiatives which attract little…

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Finextra: Reimagining financial inclusion through mobile

Michael Barrett, Professor of Information Systems & Innovation Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses the importance of mobile payments for developing countries. For example, M-Pesa in Kenya brought financial inclusion and security to the country. Read the full article…

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Why big data comes with big headaches for the healthcare sector

"Big Data" is a phrase that seems to get many people excited these days. The potential is clearly so enormous that society seems to naturally believe it is the answer to everything. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that people…

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Eagle Eye: Srivastava organises international conference

The fifth international conference of the Association of Global Management Studies will take place at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford on May 20 and 21. The event will bring together global management professionals to discuss the contemporary issues.…

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Shape new technology to a market’s culture

Professor Michael Barrett feels cultural differences may have hampered success of a Cambridge-designed mobile money transfer technology. Today 12 million Kenyans employ the system but neighbouring Tanzania, predicted as a natural follower, has been slow to react. A recognised authority…

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