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Michael Pollitt

Business Green: Hard exit from EU emissions trading could damage global climate action

Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how a 'hard exit' from EU emissions trading could damage global climate action: "If we are serious about being a global leader on climate, and if Europe is…

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What Leicester can teach us about innovations in energy

Leicester's commitment to a local energy policy shows it takes more than good intentions to get results, and that challenges lie ahead. "Dilly ding, dilly dong," famously sang Claudio Ranieri, the Leicester City manager, as his football team became champions…

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Cambridge Business Magazine: How to save £8bn a year

A recently published report “Smart power” suggests that the UK could save up to £8 billion a year by using electricity more efficiently through various measures. The report was supported by a recent study co-authored by Michael Pollitt, Professor of…

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Cambridge Business Magazine: ‘Good’ energy policy is easier said than done

Social, political and logistical factors complicate efforts to find and implement “good” energy policy, said Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School. Read the full article []  …

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‘Good’ energy policy

In his inaugural lecture, Michael Pollitt outlines the social limits to technology solutions to energy and climate problems. Finding a "good" energy policy is devilishly difficult owing to the many social and logistical barriers to achieving the right solution, Professor…

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Why making decisions on technology is about far more than just the hardware

Do we control technology, or does technology control us? That's a question that every business, government and individuals should be asking themselves on a regular basis - the temptation to "follow the trend" when it comes to making business decisions…

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Energy Live News: EMR ‘will force government to be sole power purchaser’

Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses the Electricity Market Reform scheme. “I think that was always going to be the outcome of the EMR process and it is a very significant attempt to move…

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The National Law Review: UK Department for Energy & Climate Change announces early closure of UK renewables obligation

On 18 June 2015, the UK Department for Energy & Climate Change (“DECC”) formally announced the UK Government’s intention to close the RO across Great Britain to new onshore wind generating stations from April 2016. Michael Pollitt, professor of business…

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Financial Times: UK wind operators hit at plans to end subsidies early

Thousands of jobs could be lost and millions of pounds in investment scrapped as a result of the government's decision to end subsidies for onshore wind power a year earlier than planned, industry operators have warned. Michael Pollitt, professor of…

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Competition not intervention is key to reducing energy bills

Labour's proposed energy price freeze exposes the need for politicians to be more honest with voters, writes Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge Judge Business School. Energy policy has shot to the top of the political agenda in recent months following…

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