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Military spending did not “crowd out” welfare in Middle East prior to Arab Spring

Findings dispute "guns versus butter" narrative as a major factor behind the Arab Spring. Researchers caution against uncritically applying lessons from Western nations to interpret public policy decisions in the Middle East. Research casts doubt on the widely-held view that…

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Gender and the US military

Some positive steps have been made to improve gender equality in the American military, but some simple further steps could achieve much more – and that would reflect well beyond the armed forces. By Joshua Stewart, Lieutenant Colonel (US Army)…

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From the military to Cambridge Judge

Cambridge Judge Business School has attracted quite a few people from military backgrounds, and they've learned new approaches to leadership and team dynamics that go beyond the chain of command. After six years as an officer in the US Navy,…

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LA Times: Treating sport as a model for business is no slam dunk

Cambridge educator Dr Mark de Rond analyzes how formulas for success in sports can apply to business management in his intriguing book There is an I in Team ... Can such logic be applied to the business arena? Author Mark…

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Life in conflict

Dr Mark de Rond to discuss his Camp Bastion experience live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on Sunday 15 July Dr Mark de Rond, Reader in Strategy & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, will be live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire…

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Fighting boredom

Dr Mark de Rond of Cambridge Judge Business School is full of admiration for the surgical teams working in the 50-bed hospital at Camp Bastion, Britain's military base in Afghanistan. Embedded with a team of surgeons for six weeks, he…

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Fighting boredom

What lessons can organisations take from the high-performance surgical teams at Britain's Camp Bastion military hospital in Afghanistan? Dr Mark de Rond, Reader in Strategy & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, is full of admiration for the surgical teams working…

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Dark night of the ethnographer’s soul

He lived for months with Cambridge rowers and last year spent six weeks working with surgeons at Camp Bastion, but Dr Mark de Rond is neither an athlete nor a medic. So why embed himself in such extreme environments, what…

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Dr Mark de Rond shares his Camp Bastion experience

Dr Mark de Rond, Reader in Strategy & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, will be speaking about life in the world's busiest war hospital, as part of the Darwin College Lecture series. His talk is entitled "Life in Conflict".…

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Lieutenant General Andrew Graham: Lessons from the frontline

'Kill or capture' maybe a military slogan but the conditions of war have lessons for business too. Lieutenant General Andrew Graham, Former Director General of the Defence Academy of the UK, explains how adopting a military command leadership role can…

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