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Monique Boddington

Looking at 2023

Cambridge Judge Business School faculty offer their insights and opinions on what to expect in 2023 in areas ranging from entrepreneurship to climate change to disinformation. How many people predicted at the start of 2022 that, by Halloween, Britain would…

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Illustration of a man with a telescope sitting on a large "2023" sign and looking to the future.

Changing course

Study of firms in an accelerator programme identifies key limitations to the 'build-measure-learn' scientific approach of early venture creation, says paper by Monique Boddington and Stelios Kavadias of Cambridge Judge. Dr Monique Boddington Most new enterprises fail, so it's well…

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A young businessman lost in a dark maze notices a glowing light around the next corner.

Prospective bias

A 'prospective' motherhood penalty holds women back in the workplace regardless of their actual motherhood status, says new study from Cambridge Judge Business School in advance of International Women's Day. The workplace motherhood penalty has been well documented. A new…

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Mentors and entrepreneurs in classroom boost confidence

The presence of entrepreneurs in the classroom and programme mentors boosts the confidence of entrepreneurial education students to perform key tasks, according to a study at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) at Cambridge Judge. “Mentors and entrepreneurs both provide…

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