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Neil Stott

Explaining the future of society through fictional prose

A new prize at Lucy Cavendish College named after Cambridge Judge faculty member Professor Neil Stott, the Stott Alternative Futures Prize, awards speculative fiction that reimagines a better tomorrow. A new prize for speculative fiction, the Stott Alternative Futures Prize,…

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Neil Stott.

A look at marginalised communities: what Cambridge Judge research and initiatives can teach us

In this special insight article, we look at some of the work done at Cambridge Judge to highlight issues affecting the marginalised and point a way forward to solving them, and we also talk to some of those involved in…

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A look at marginalised communities: what Cambridge Judge research and initiatives can teach us.

Businesses must back up their sustainability promises says new handbook

Businesses need to back up their 'exciting' narratives on sustainability with clear implementation, says a new Handbook on the Business of Sustainability co-authored by faculty and others at Cambridge Judge Business School. Businesses often have "exciting" narratives about sustainability but…

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Sunlight shining through the tree canopy onto a glass building.

Research vigilance needed

There is a high level of 'inattentiveness' in even the top-ranked workers recruited for research through Amazon Mechanical Turk, says a new study co-authored by Neil Stott of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Neil Stott Companies, organisations and academics often…

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A survey participant looks at the questions on his mobile phone.

Overcoming UN sustainability obstacles

Four key blockages are preventing full implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Professor Paul Tracey and Dr Neil Stott of Cambridge Judge Business School say in the School's inaugural Social Innovation Lecture. Professor Paul Tracey There are four key…

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Varsity: ‘I refused to give in’: the Cambridge master’s student who helped Afghan students escape Kabul

Selene Biffi, a current student Masters in Social Innovation student at Cambridge Judge Business School, tells how she helped her former escape Afghanistan as the Taliban took over. “Distressed is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about…

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Co-operative approach

Pioneering historical approaches to Black economic co-operation, such as those of sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois, should be tapped to benefit today’s business education, says study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. The pioneering ideas and experiments of sociologist W.E.B. Du…

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Sketch portrait of W.E.B. Du Bois with cyan-blue overlay.

Impact and engagement at the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation and Cambridge Social Ventures

Each of our research centres has unique ways to engage with non-academic organisations and, through that, to generate real world impact. Dr Belinda Bell This month we decided to share with you the work of the Cambridge Centre for Social…

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Neil Stott.

First of its kind

Paper by Dr Neil Stott and Dr Michelle Darlington of Cambridge Judge appears in special journal issue on Black Business and Management History. Dr Neil Stott A study co-authored by Dr Neil Stott and Dr Michelle Darlington of Cambridge Judge…

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A couple who have just moved into their new home, smiling, surrounded by boxes.

Broadening perspectives

The contributions of black business and management leaders is the focus of the latest Social Innovation Think Tank webinar at Cambridge Judge. Watch the Social Innovation Think Tank webinar. The most recent episode of the Social Innovation Think Tank…

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