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organisational identification

Toe the line?

Insiders and outsiders are most likely to conform compared to entities with "middling" affiliation, says study co-authored by Dr Lionel Paolella of Cambridge Judge. Dr Lionel Paolella We expect some degree of conforming behaviour from other people or entities affiliated…

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Concept illustration of people waiting in line during Coronavirus pandemic, standing two metres apart with red signs to keep social distancing.

Fish out of water

New study co-authored by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge Business School says new ventures obtain 'legitimacy' not through one-off activity but through a gradated process in which acceptance ebbs and flows along with shifting expectations. Professor Paul Tracey What…

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2018 Brainfood: Fish out of water.

The company you keep

'We're sponsoring what?' Corporate sponsorship affects how employees view their firm and self, and the results can be surprising, finds new study co-authored by Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville at Cambridge Judge Business School. Big companies ranging from Coca-Cola to Toyota to…

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2018 Brainfood: The company you keep.