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Financial Times: Companies that pivot are best placed to prosper

Professor Mauro Guillén, Director of Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on how companies adapted during Covid-19 pandemic. Successful companies ‘tended to make lateral extensions of their existing businesses, rather than shifting into something completely new, and they had a clear…

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Poets & Quants: B-school students who deferred in 2020 settle into a new year & new outlook

Poets&Quants talked to Diviya Dewan, a current MBA student who deferred in 2020. She talked about the reasons she decided to defer, including coronavirus pandemic and financial constraints. But the positive part was that she was able to connect with…

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Empathetic leadership

An essay on how digital natives may be best equipped as managers to respond to crises, written by Cambridge Judge PhD candidate Ariel de Fauconberg, is a Top-10 finalist in the student category of the Peter Drucker Challenge contest. An…

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Shot of two businesswomen smiling having a work discussion while being seated in the office at work.

Business Because: How can brands adapt to the post-pandemic consumer?

Vincent Mak, Professor of Marketing & Decision Sciences at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments how companies could adapt in the post-Covid world. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic Coca Cola sent a clear message in support of social…

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Business Because: Five ways Covid has changed global business

Cambridge MBA alumnus and Strategy Director at Global Pharmaceutical Company Lalit Peddakota and Cambridge MBA programme Director Michael Kitson discuss how coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses worldwide. “The pandemic showed us what is possible […] I attended internal and external…

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Forbes: Management lessons from James Bond, for the post-Covid world

Dr Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes what management lessons can companies learn from James Bond for the post-pandemic world. “We rarely think about James Bond as a manager - at first glance,…

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The Times of India: Weekly Covid case count in Punjab falls below 200, first time in 71 weeks

A research on Covid cases in India co-authored by Paul Kattuman, Professor of Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, is cited in the article. “As per the projections done by Cambridge Judge Business School and National Institute of Economic and…

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Science Daily: Study suggests R rate for tracking pandemic should be dropped in favour of ‘nowcasts’

A study on R rate co-authored by Paul Kattuman, Professor in Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in Science Daily. "The basic R rate quickly wanes in usefulness as soon as a pandemic begins," Professor Kattuman said. "The…

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From ‘R rate’ to ‘nowcasts’

A farewell to R: study by University of Cambridge researchers suggests that "nowcasts" based on a new time series model are more effective in tracking later-stage pandemics than the traditional 'R rate' used during an outbreak. When the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Statistics of financial market data about a epidemic disease. Analysis graphs and reports numbers about a pandemic virus crisis.

Above the Law: How the pandemic breathed life back into law schools

James Goodnow, currently studying for Masters in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge Business School shares his insights on why law school applications went up during coronavirus pandemic and what does it mean. “The thing about booms and busts is, for all…

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