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Society before profit

Tech industry patent scheme is model for coronavirus vaccines, says Dr Andrei Kirilenko, Reader in Finance. The race to find a vaccine and treatments for COVID-19 has brought together companies, universities and governments to share knowledge at an unprecedented rate,…

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Enterprise Tuesday

How do ventures create value while protecting their intellectual property? Amid some tension there are tricks to the trade, according to an expert panel at Cambridge Judge Business School. Startup ventures in sectors such as technology face a dilemma: they…

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Reinvesting market power for the betterment of shareholders

Dr Scott B. Guernsey On the supply side, highly competitive industries are generally characterised as having many firms and low barriers to entry. The first condition implies that existing firms cannot dictate or influence prices, and the second that new…

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Company board connections

Companies increase both R&D and patenting activity if they have directors who 'interlock' with other companies, says new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. The "interlocking" of corporate boards – in which directors sit on the boards of different…

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VC and patents

Venture capital investment does not boost patents by technology firms, finds new study at University of Cambridge Judge Business School. 'Patenting has much sharper effects on VC investments than the other way around'. Venture capital firms are successful by picking…

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Professor Suma Athreye, Brunel Business School: The race for patents

Professor Suma Athreye, Director of the Centre for International Business and Strategy in Emerging Markets at Brunel Business School, says India takes out fewer patents than China but they are of a higher quality and both nations have very different…

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