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The EMBAs teaching the art of life or death decision making

Leading on the Frontline founders and Cambridge Judge Business School graduates tell of the trials and successes of setting up a new venture while undertaking their degree and working full-time. The word 'frontline' has never been more prominent. Throughout the…

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Cambridge study finds executive pay will be affected by climate change

A more holistic approach will be developed to link executive pay to climate-change metrics across the supply chain, says a new study by Dr Robert Ritz of Cambridge Judge Business School. A central challenge in designing executive-pay plans linked to…

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Cambridge study finds executive pay will be affected by climate change.

Sadness vs fear

The ability to recognise emotions of others is important but can get lost in translation, so a new study develops a face-based test not affected by linguistic differences. The ability to recognise emotions expressed by others is vital for job…

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Cultural shift

Organisational culture is a "tool" for social change, says new article co-authored by Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville. Organisations can help employees navigate their company’s culture to foster social and sustainability goals, says a new article "Organizational culture as a tool for…

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Psychology Today: People prefer to be evaluated relative to themselves

People feel an evaluation is more fair if it’s is compared with their past performance rather than comparison with the performance of others, says a study co-authored by David De Cremer, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business…

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The ‘choke factor’

Weightlifters and divers offer a lesson for business in risk and reward, finds research by Dr Christos Genakos of Cambridge Judge Business School. What do elite weightlifting and diving competitions have in common with top-level money management or pharmaceutical development?…

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Service innovation and performance in a digital world

Professor Andy Neely explores the challenges that leaders of world-class service organisations face in the 21st century. The world is changing. New technologies - especially the internet of things and big data analytics - are opening up new opportunities for…

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Don’t delay

Procrastination and effective leadership don’t mix, argues David De Cremer. People are advised since childhood not to put off ‘til tomorrow what they can do today, but in fact human nature often produces procrastination. And that undermines effective leadership, argues…

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Following the money

Does performance-related pay work? Dr Jonathan Trevor explores the issues. Pay for performance matters. It's a practice that crosses sectors, affects millions of employees globally and regularly makes the headlines. But there's a problem, says Dr Jonathan Trevor, Lecturer in…

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Six reasons why … star performers are bad for the bottom line

Everyone - shareholders, board members, even colleagues - loves a star performer. But how many deliver on the top hire promise? CJBS faculty Dr Jenny Chu, Dr Pedro Saffi and Professor Raghavendra Rau investigate why top names can actually have…

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