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The Conversation: Good for business and good for society: how organisations can hire more ex-offenders

An article written by Jan Lodge, PhD student at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses the ways businesses can hire more ex-offenders. “As with any group, some ex-offenders may lack the skills or qualifications for some jobs they want to pursue…

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‘Key’ business ideas

James Timpson, CEO of key-cutting and shoe-repair business Timpson, tells the Social Ideas Podcast at Cambridge Judge Business School why the company hires ex-prisoners and terms its 4,500 employees 'colleagues' rather than 'staff'. James Timpson James Timpson, CEO of the family-owned key-cutting…

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Lessons from prison

How prisoners' coping strategies for loneliness and isolation can help those in coronavirus lockdown writes Jan Lodge, PhD Candidate in Organisational Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School. Jan Lodge, PhD candidate Isolation and confinement during the unprecedented coronavirus lockdowns around…

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The Conversation: Prisoners have to deal with extreme isolation in confinement: here’s how they cope

We can all learn on how to cope with isolation and loneliness from prisoners during these unprecedented times says Jan Lodge, a PhD candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School. Jan has been researching how individuals with a criminal conviction move…

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