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Cambridge Independent: From AI dysfunctions to privatisation debate

A recent summary of Cambridge Judge Business School research include studies on AI at workplace by Dr Stella Pachidi, privatisation and efficiency by Dr Kamal Munir, the concept of craft by Dr Jochem Kroezen, predicting energy use by Dr David…

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Public to private

The results of privatisation, back in the public eye due to the pandemic, often depend on the type of industry and its competitive framework, says study co-authored by Dr Kamal Munir of Cambridge Judge. Dr Kamal Munir Throughout the last…

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Privatisation and corruption

Privatisation of state-owned enterprises in IMF loan conditions can increase corruption through a 'vicious circle' of weaker institutions and increased incentives, says a new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Privatisation of state-owned enterprises as a condition for International…

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