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project management

Project incentive systems

'Free riding' has a bad name, but it may be a necessary burden if firms adopt proper incentive systems for cross-functional projects, says a study by Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat of Cambridge Judge Business School. The "free rider" concept has a long…

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Legal project advice

Six key insights on legal project management are offered by Dr Kishore Sengupta, Director of Executive Education and Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School. As law firm clients have raised their expectations of legal service consistency while…

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2018 Brainfood: Legal project management.

An architect in the Middle East: building bridges with the EMBA

Nada Chahadi (EMBA 2016) is an architect from the Middle East, specialising in mega-scale building projects across the region. Nada Chahadi (EMBA 2016) is an experienced architect from Lebanon, specialising in large-scale building projects that contribute to the Middle East's…

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Speaking up in Chinese companies

Chinese culture usually avoids conflict, but speaking up following the failure of new product development can help future projects and yield valuable workplace lessons, says new study co-authored by Professor David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge Business School. In China,…

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Managing a project? Your success depends on more than just good planning.

Projects are vehicles for innovation and change. When an organisation wants to advance, re-pivot or innovate they assign the challenge to a 'project' and start eagerly planning. Whilst some have success, more often than not projects lurch from one deadline…

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Managers mistakenly prioritise ‘good vibes’ over ‘bad news’

Have managers 'lost the ability to listen to bad news?' A new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School suggests they have, and this can lead to poor decisions. Faced with all sorts of information, project managers need to merge…

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