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Stuff: ‘Emergency’ funds can make people happy

A study co-authored by Joe Gladstone, PhD candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School, found that having an emergency fund makes people feel happier. "Individuals who have ample cash available to them as a buffer may feel more secure in their…

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Opposites really DON’T attract

Study shows that ‘birds of a feather do flock together’ - finally providing scientific backing for the idea that people seek romantic partners and friends with similar personality traits. Classic Hollywood movies are full of 'opposites attract' romantic storylines -…

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How context makes conflict trauma hard to understand, and not just for Trump

When US presidential hopeful Donald Trump jumped with characteristic abandon into the debate over post-traumatic stress disorder, his comments that some veterans are not "strong enough" to handle the mental stresses of combat were broadly criticised. War veterans, and the…

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The myth of quitting in anger

(Don't) 'Take this job and shove it': Anger often decreases - rather than boosts - a person's intention to quit a job when they identify strongly with their company, says new study co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School academic. Anger…

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Why Facebook knows you better than your mum

Who do you reckon knows you best? Your friends? Your children? Work colleagues? Turns out it's none of these. It's not even your mum. Because even she doesn't know all your little ways quite as well as… Facebook. It's true.…

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