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public sector

Public to private

The results of privatisation, back in the public eye due to the pandemic, often depend on the type of industry and its competitive framework, says study co-authored by Dr Kamal Munir of Cambridge Judge. Dr Kamal Munir Throughout the last…

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‘Distinguished’ research

Dr Marion Boisseau-Sierra of Cambridge Judge Business School awarded "Young Researcher" Prize by the Dauphine Foundation of Paris Dauphine University for her thesis on public debt accounting. Dr Marion Boisseau-Sierra The Dauphine Foundation, part of Paris Dauphine University, honoured Dr…

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Healthcare policy & drug development (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

How ageing societies can afford healthcare for all and reform an organisational system that has not kept pace with technology. L-R: Paul Tracey, Michael Kitson, Kamal Munir, Stefan Scholtes, Nektarios Oraiopoulos In this episode, joining podcast host Michael Kitson, University…

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The ‘shrinking state’

The state’s role is dwindling in areas ranging from social programmes to regulatory structures, but a lack of uniform data makes it difficult to understand the impact on different national regions, says a new journal article co-authored by Michael Kitson…

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The Economist: Government on the go – mobile delivery of public services

Is it possible for governments to employ mobile apps and become mobile ecosystems? Dr Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, has been looking into digital governance and thinks that shifting to the cloud…

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UK Authority: Updating social value for the internet age

Dr Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how public value should be defined in the digital era. “For a government desperately trying to square the circle of escalating demand, growing inflation, falling…

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A natural industriousness?

To make an impact on policy, you need to get your hands dirty, as Dr Kamal Munir, author of Pakistan's industrial policy, explains. Having an impact on politics while remaining independent of it is a challenge for any academic interested…

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Denis Kaminskiy, Director and Co-Founder of Arcus Global

Denis Kaminskiy (Cambridge MBA 2008) is passionate about disrupting public sector computer services – saving the taxpayer a pile of money in the process. It wasn't so long ago that Denis Kaminskiy and his colleague Lars Malmquist were facing up…

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The Guardian: UK voters are being sold a lie: there is no need to cut public services

"Redesigning the public sector to work more like Amazon, Spotify and Uber could save billions with no frontline cuts. And only bureaucracy would lose out," says Dr Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School.…

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The Centre for Social Innovation blog: Public sector dinosaur

In order to be effective, all innovation needs to be managed – innovative organisations balance risk across all three areas. And in this I see a role for the public sector, both in encouraging enterprise within and without its own…

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