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Our thoughts: the Centre for Social Innovation blog: Public enterprise

Anyone who has worked within a public body, as I have, can attest to the ebb and flow of inertia and innovation as policy entrepreneurs seek to change, innovate or carve out new resources or power bases. Change has become…

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Dealing with the bureaucracy bogeyman

The public sector doesn’t always get great press but, says Neil Stott, Chief Executive of Keystone Development Trust and Executive Director of the Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School, it just might surprise you. Bureaucratic. Risk averse.…

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Competitive advantage through new business models (Cambridge Service Alliance Conference)

As European economies bump along the bottom a new approach to manufacturing industries is helping to make businesses more successful in the longer term. Companies which have traditionally manufactured products are now branching out into the service sector. "The Servitisation…

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Defining public entrepreneurship

The private and public sectors do share common interests and entrepreneurs can work in both sectors Dr Christos Pitelis, Reader in International Business & Competitiveness at Cambridge Judge Business School, and Professor Joseph Mahoney of the University of Illinois, discuss…

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Breaking with tradition

Dr Jonathan Trevor, Lecturer in Human Resources & Organisations at Cambridge Judge Business School, argues that we will see a move away from large-scale public sector organisations, which are the providers of professional services, to public services organisations, which are…

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Is social enterprise being set up to fail?

Is 'Enterprise Society' a myth or a reality? Are the resources needed to successfully deliver it in place? As redundant public sector workers prepare to bid for contracts to win their own work back, academics from Cambridge Judge Business School…

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The human cost of slashing public spending

What are the consequences for both society and the country's economic recovery? Academics from Cambridge Judge Business School have raised concerns about whether the size and speed of Chancellor George Osborne's cuts will dampen the economic recovery and whether volunteers…

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It’s the economy, stupid

Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, considers the effectiveness of the economic policies of the three main parties to continue Britain's recovery. He warns of the dangers of a quick deficit cut, why the…

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