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Shape of things to come

According to Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, the recession will be deeply protracted and U-shaped, not W-shaped as some are forecasting, leaving permanent scars on the economy in the form of lost economic capacity.…

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2009 podcast kitson shape of things to come

Lessons from history

Could the current financial crisis have been predicted from historians knowledge of past down turns and depressions globally? Dr David Chambers, University Lecturer in Finance and Deputy Director of the School's Master of Finance programme, thinks so. An analysis of…

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2009 podcast chambers lessons from history

Dr Patrick Byrne, Healthy capital market equals healthy nation

Dr Patrick Byrne, CEO of, explains the concept of "naked shorting", and how he predicted as early as three years ago that the corruption of the regulator of the US capital market would lead to the systemic collapse we…

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2009 podcast byrne healthy capital

Green shoots of recovery, anyone?

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences: the maxim of the 'self fulfilling prophecy'. Forecasts that are sufficiently believed, cause people to act in ways that make the prediction come true. Forecasts about the economy…

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2009 podcast kattuman green shoots of recovery

Distributing the downturn

The International Labour Organisation has forecast a rise in unemployment by 20 million worldwide by the end of 2009. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has forecast a loss of up to 10 million jobs within the OECD…

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2009 podcast kattuman distributing the downturn

Can we turn adversity into opportunity? Yes, we can

As 2008, a year that shook the world and began the restructuring of the global economies, draws to a close, we take a look at the year ahead. Which economies are likely to find it easiest to ride out the…

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2009 podcast adversity into opportunity