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The ‘shrinking state’

The state’s role is dwindling in areas ranging from social programmes to regulatory structures, but a lack of uniform data makes it difficult to understand the impact on different national regions, says a new journal article co-authored by Michael Kitson…

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Important labels

'Categorisation' is key to regulation of new technology platforms, Professor Shahzad Ansari of Cambridge Judge tells the AOM Big Data Conference. Professor Shahzad Ansari The "categorisation" of new technology platforms will be critical as regulators and other policymakers address issues…

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2018 News: Important labels.

Competition not intervention is key to reducing energy bills

Labour's proposed energy price freeze exposes the need for politicians to be more honest with voters, writes Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge Judge Business School. Energy policy has shot to the top of the political agenda in recent months following…

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The corrupting influence of red tape

Far from stamping it out, too much regulation actually encourages corruption, argues Dr Stelios Zyglidopoulos, Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School and Reader in Management at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. So what’s the solution? Once in…

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Want to avoid another Rana Plaza? Pay more for your clothes

On the anniversary of the collapse of Bangladeshi garment factory Rana Plaza, in which 1,129 people died, Dr Kamal Munir says the West needs to re-think its addiction to cheap clothing - and the East its attitude to regulation. In…

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Taking the long view

Dr Michael Pollitt defends the energy industry in the wake of criticism over their rising profits by their regulator Ofgem Defence of the energy industry in the wake of criticism over their rising profits by their regulator, Ofgem, has come…

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Energy sapping

'The Electricity Market Reform' or EMR may place too much regulation onto the energy industry and it's the consumer who will end up paying Dr Michael Pollitt, an Assistant Director of the Electricity Policy Research Group at Cambridge Judge Business…

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Dr michael pollitt

Searching to regulate Google

Clearer regulatory guidelines are needed to prevent Internet search engines abusing their dominant positions The European Union's decision to investigate allegations against the internet search engine giant, Google, has been welcomed by Dr Michael Barrett, Cambridge Judge Business School's Reader…

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Public services – public or private?

Regulating the changing landscape for providing public goods Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, has set out the case for "Tomorrow's regulator: regulating in the changing landscape for providing public goods" in…

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It’s not fair!

America's regulators now rely on 'fair value' with additional historical cost to be disclosed for financial assets. Europe's regulators view measurement at historical cost with disclosure of fair values as the way forward. Unless there is a compromise on international…

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