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Forbes India: How drug companies can increase their R&D effectiveness

A study co-authored by Professor Stylianos Kavadias and Dr Nektarios Oraiopoulos at University of Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in the Forbes article. The study demonstrates “how pharmaceutical executives can impact the success of their research and development” programs…

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Why Arm’s sale to NVIDIA has stunned the tech industry

Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow in Strategy and alumnus (MBA 2012) of Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how Cambridge-based Arm's proposed sale to NVIDIA has stunned the tech industry. Hamza Muddasir Arm, the Cambridge-based microchip designer, is a British tech success…

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A macro shot of a circuit board.

Biotech vs big pharma

Most approved "priority" medicines are developed by biotech rather than large pharmaceutical firms, says a two-decade study at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Biotech companies created 40 per cent more US Food & Drug Administration-approved "priority" drugs than…

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Small business jumpstart

Author of industrial strategy review of the UK Small Business Research Initiative calls for increased focus on customer-funded innovation contracts to allow founders to grow substantial UK firms. The author of a new independent review of the UK’s Small Business…

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R&D a key element to rebalance the economy, says Cambridge study

Renewed UK government spending on innovative R&D can create new industries A renewed focus on innovative research and development spending by major UK departments would create new export-oriented industries and help rebalance the economy, says a new study published today…

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Dynamic paper scoops award for Dr Andrea Mina

The cost of R&D and innovation is the subject of an award-winning paper by CJBS's Andrea Mina. Andrea, CJBS Lecturer in Economics of Innovation, and Henry Lahr, a Research Fellow from Cambridge's Centre for Business Research, won the Best Paper…

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