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Biotech vs big pharma

Most approved "priority" medicines are developed by biotech rather than large pharmaceutical firms, says a two-decade study at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Biotech companies created 40 per cent more US Food & Drug Administration-approved "priority" drugs than…

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Small business jumpstart

Author of industrial strategy review of the UK Small Business Research Initiative calls for increased focus on customer-funded innovation contracts to allow founders to grow substantial UK firms. The author of a new independent review of the UK’s Small Business…

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R&D a key element to rebalance the economy, says Cambridge study

Renewed UK government spending on innovative R&D can create new industries A renewed focus on innovative research and development spending by major UK departments would create new export-oriented industries and help rebalance the economy, says a new study published today…

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Dynamic paper scoops award for Dr Andrea Mina

The cost of R&D and innovation is the subject of an award-winning paper by CJBS's Andrea Mina. Andrea, CJBS Lecturer in Economics of Innovation, and Henry Lahr, a Research Fellow from Cambridge's Centre for Business Research, won the Best Paper…

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