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Digital government ‘manifesto’

A new blueprint for modernisation of public services outlined by Dr Mark Thompson of Cambridge Judge Business School aims to save £46 billion a year in order to hire one million frontline workers. Dr Mark Thompson "A revolutionary moment in…

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2018 Brainfood: Digital government.

Decade of leadership

Article on leadership's effect on followers, co-authored by KPMG Professor David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge, wins Decennial Influential Article Award from the journal Leadership Quarterly. An article on leadership's effect on followers, co-authored by David De Cremer, KPMG Professor…

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Simon Taylor and Elroy Dimson win Research Impact Awards

Dr Simon Taylor and Professor Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge are honoured with the School's 2017 Sandra Dawson Research Impact Award. Dr Simon Taylor and Professor Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge Business School have been named winners of the 2017…

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Dealing with stigma in social enterprise

Study by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge about how organisations can positively handle "stigma" is cited in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. A study co-authored by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge about how organisations can achieve positive outcomes…

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How context makes conflict trauma hard to understand, and not just for Trump

When US presidential hopeful Donald Trump jumped with characteristic abandon into the debate over post-traumatic stress disorder, his comments that some veterans are not "strong enough" to handle the mental stresses of combat were broadly criticised. War veterans, and the…

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Workload and patient treatment

Workload affects both treatment and referral decisions by "gatekeepers" to specialist services such as primary care physicians and emergency doctors, says a new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. People with serious ailments naturally desire immediate…

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Workload and patient treatment.

Have we misunderstood post-traumatic stress disorder?

In understanding war-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a person's cultural and professional context is just as important as how they cope with witnessing wartime events, says a new study in the Academy of Management Journal. It's long been assumed that…

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Mark de Rond wins Research Impact Award

Mark de Rond of Cambridge Judge is honoured with the School’s Research Impact Award for how his work on high-performing teams impacted other organisations. Mark de Rond, Reader in Strategy & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, has been honoured…

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Cyber risk

resCollaboration is key to minimising economic impact from a cyberattack on the UK’s critical infrastructure, finds study by Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies in conjunction with Lockheed Martin. Collaboration between government, industry and the technology community is key to minimising…

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Looking beyond corporate boards

Director term limits and corporate governance codes, but not quotas, help boost female representation in top executive positions, finds new study from Cambridge Judge Business School and the 30% Club. Term limits for directors and gender diversity rules in corporate…

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