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Mirage News: Heart surgery delays will cost lives, warns research

Urgent action is needed to clear the backlog of people with a common heart condition who are waiting for lifesaving treatment, warns research co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School and published in the journal BMJ Open. The study, conducted by…

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The Guardian: Meet the rebellious researchers embracing rap, magic and circus acts

Academics rise against the conventions of higher education, such as scholarly journals and conferences, in a new book titled Doing Rebellious Research in and Beyond the Academy, says article. The book includes the Academy of Magic and Science, co-created by…

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According to researchers calling for a “rebellion” against traditional forms of output, Hip-hop poetry, magic and circus acts should be embraced by academics to make their work more effective and help them spread their findings among a wider audience, the…

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Vice: The pivot to Web3 is going to get people hurt

Raghavendra (Raghu) Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, is mentioned in this article about Web3. Raghu, who helped discover the “dotcom” effect, agreed the Web3 industry’s underlying fundamentals were “tough to decipher,” the…

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The Conversation: How to express yourself if you want others to cooperate with you – new research

New research, published in Rationality and Society and co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School, sheds some light on the best way to get people to cooperate in creating dramatic social or environmental changes. Collective action, however, can involve social dilemmas.…

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CNBC: Bitcoin production roars back in China despite Beijing’s ban on crypto mining

New research from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School shows that Chinese bitcoin mining activity has quickly rebounded, the article says. By September 2021, China made up just over 22% of the total bitcoin mining…

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Fortune: Despite ban, Bitcoin mining continues in China

Research from Cambridge Judge Business School shows that China is second only to the US in Bitcoin mining. In December 2021, the most recent figures available, China was responsible for 21% of the Bitcoin mined globally (compared to just under…

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Fortune: Climbing the corporate ladder yields greater emotional benefits for men than women, study shows

A study co-authored by Jochen Menges, professor at the University of Zurich and at Cambridge Judge Business School, and titled "Gender and emotions at work: organisational rank has greater emotional benefits for men than women." is mentioned in this article…

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The Economist: The woolliest words in business

A study co-authored by Dr Yeun Joon Kim, Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, features in an Economist article about overused and anodyne business words such as “flexibility”, “purpose” and “collaboration”. (subs) Read the full article…

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Cambridge Judge ranked #1 in business and management research framework by Times Higher Education

Cambridge Judge Business School’s global reputation in business and management studies is recognised in the UK’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021. The results from the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) in the UK announced today (12 May) highlight the global…

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