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Row the Amazon

Award-winning sense

Paper about 'sensemaking' on the Amazon co-authored by Mark de Rond and Jennifer Howard-Grenville wins Best Published Paper Award by OMT division of Academy of Management. Sunset on the Amazon River. A paper about "sensemaking" and a memorable journey down…

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Reflection of a sunset by a lagoon inside the Amazon Rainforest Basin.

Sense and sensibility

'Sensemaking' comes from the body as well as the mind: a new study from Cambridge Judge Business School on a 2,077-mile rowing trip down the Amazon shows how the body's capacity to 'feel' its surroundings can find a sensible way…

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Daily Mail: Amazon journey included in Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Records 2016 edition features the latest records from around the world. An epic Amazon journey by Cambridge Judge’s Mark de Rond and Clare College’s Anton Wright is featured in the edition. Mark and Anton were cited for…

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Cambridge News: Parkside rowing challenge end town vs gown divide

Clare College head boatman Anton Wright invited few 16-year-olds from Parkside Community School to take part in the rowing challenge. Anton Wright and Cambridge Judge's Dr Mark de Rond completed more than 2,000 miles in 32 days and became the…

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Cambridge News: An oarsome offer from Clare College’s world record holding boatman

Anton Wright, [head boatman at Clare College,] and Mark de Rond, Reader in Strategy and Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School and a Fellow of Darwin College, this month made it onto page 157 of the Guinness Book of World…

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Cambridge Network: Amazon trip makes Guinness World Records

Mark de Rond's and Anto Wright's epic Amazon journey has officially entered the Guinness World Records. Under the category "Epic journeys", De Rond and Wright were cited for the "First row of the navigable length of the Amazon" in their…

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Amazon trip makes Guinness World Records

Faculty member Mark de Rond's 'epic journey' Their journey may not have been as quick as the "Fastest 10 metres on hind legs by a dog" (6.56 seconds), but the rowing trip down the Amazon by Cambridge Judge Business School…

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Amazon rowers relive – and thank their supporters at special reception

Our brave rowers, Mark de Rond and Anton Wright, relived their experiences and thanked all their many supporters at a Row the Amazon thank you reception at Cambridge Judge Business School. The duo roved the length of Amazon in just…

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Rows, drama and glory on the Amazon

Reporter Charlie Scott meets with Mark de Rond and Anton Wright, who finished the gruelling month-long challenge in Brazil in October last year. The duo have become the first to cover the navigable length of Amazon. The full interview on pages 25…

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Conquerors of the Amazon

Mark de Rond and Anton Wright talk for the first time about their record-breaking row along the navigable waters of the River Amazon, a journey in excess of 2,000 miles. They survived storms, massive river barges, and were forced to…

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