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A greener Scotland: Cambridge Judge fellow named chair of green taskforce

Cambridge Judge Fellow David Pitt-Watson is named Chair of a new Scottish Taskforce for Green and Sustainable Financial Services. David Pitt-Watson, a Fellow (Finance) at Cambridge Judge Business School, has been named Chair of a new Scottish Taskforce for Green…

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David Pitt-Watson.

Glasgow thoughts

Why is COP26 a big deal but not much may happen? A blogpost by David Reiner, Associate Professor in Technology Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, lays out the background and his opinions going into the event in Scotland. Dr…

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Satellite view of a hurricane storm tornado.

Uncertain opportunity

Some Scottish firms see opportunity created by the 'paralysis' of English competitors over Brexit, says new Harvard Business Review article co-authored by Dr Thomas Roulet of Cambridge Judge. Dr Thomas Roulet Top executives of some Scottish companies are "thriving" on…

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BBC News: Devolution ‘city state’ future for Cambridge?

After the Scottish vote, cities and region in England discuss whether they should seek greater autonomy. Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, said Cambridge could benefit from autonomy. ‘There are higher levels of…

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Wired: Yay or nay, Scottish businesses ‘need to innovate’

One way for Scotland to kick-start its innovation campaign and build a better business base is to become ‘more attractive to multinational companies abroad’. In order to do that, however, Scotland must first work on fostering the right environment for…

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Cambridge News: Scottish referendum: Cambridge University professor Paul Tracey says Scotland lacks entrepreneurs to drive economy

The country has a long history of innovation and a proud tradition of making and building things – it was at the forefront of science, engineering and commerce during the Industrial Revolution after all – but in recent years, Scotland’s…

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Scotland’s war on inequality

Regardless of the referendum outcome, nothing less than fundamental social change can create a more equal society north of the border suggests Paul Tracey, Professor of Innovation & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School. As the countdown to the Scottish…

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