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Kevin Bishop, Michael Lyons and David Simoes-Brown: The emerging SSME agenda

Services science has become one of the major areas of research into the nature of innovation within organisations and within national economies. Cambridge Judge Business School, in conjunction with IBM, a leading organisation at the vanguard of services science research,…

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2009 podcast emerging ssme agenda

Steve Street, IBM Global Services: Services science – thinking about service in an innovative, integrated way

Steve Street, Senior IT Architect for UK & Ireland New Business, Integrated Technology Delivery, IBM Global Services, explains why the financial meltdown, which demonstrates the limitations of a purely financial model, will motivate a move towards multiple sources of value.…

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Steve street

Rob Lees, Author: The winning edge for professional service firms

Rob Lees, co-author of When Professionals Have to Lead and a member of the School's "Programme for Excellence" faculty, describes the background to the launch of two new open programmes, The Law Firm Partner and The Professional Service Firm Partner.…

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2009 podcast lees the winning edge