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Shahzad Ansari

Impactful research honoured by FT

Studies on COVID-19 modelling by Paul Kattuman and marginalisation by Shahzad Ansari are named runners-up in the annual Responsible Business Education Awards of the Financial Times. Studies on COVID-19 (coronavirus) modelling and the marginalisation of disabled people were (16 January)…

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FT Academic Research with Real-World Impact Award.

A look at marginalised communities: what Cambridge Judge research and initiatives can teach us

In this special insight article, we look at some of the work done at Cambridge Judge to highlight issues affecting the marginalised and point a way forward to solving them, and we also talk to some of those involved in…

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A look at marginalised communities: what Cambridge Judge research and initiatives can teach us.

Award-winning study calls for a holistic debate on end-of-life care

Research co-authored by Professor Shaz Ansari of Cambridge Judge examines the moral issues faced by ageing societies in providing palliative care, calling for a ‘holistic’ debate. The study is named ‘EGOS Paper of the Year’ by the European Group for…

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Care of terminally ill patients requires a holistic approach, argues award-winning study.

An extraordinary achievement: 5 articles by Cambridge Judge faculty are published in latest ‘Academy of Management Journal’

Topics ranging from marginalisation to entrepreneurship are featured in the prestigious journal, reflecting the research excellence and breadth of Cambridge Judge Business School. Five different articles co-authored by four Cambridge Judge Business School professors are included in the latest issue…

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Cambridge Judge Business School Addenbrookes building.

Partnerships are not perfect solutions for tackling problems such as climate change, poverty or health

Multistakeholder partnerships in addressing society’s grand challenges often lead to ‘power asymmetries’ that stifle lasting progress, says a new study co-authored by Professor Shahzad (Shaz) Ansari of Cambridge Judge Business School. Partnerships among diverse groups and individuals are often seen…

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Hands reaching out to grab the world.

Overcoming marginalisation

From shelter to emancipation: rethinking our understanding of disabled people as active members of society. A new study published in the Academy of Management Journal, co-authored by Shahzad Ansari, Professor of Strategy & Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School, and…

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Overcoming marginalisation: wheelchair user.

Top 15 reads of 2021

The news and insight section of Cambridge Judge Business School’s website seeks a broad range of topics of interest to diverse audiences. In 2021, attention was focused on articles ranging from climate change to Bitcoin mining, and from career matters…

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‘Cubicle’ warriors

New technology can disrupt the moral value of work, shows award-winning study co-authored by Shahzad Ansari of Cambridge Judge based on the diaries of 43 US military drone operators. Professor Shahzad Ansari A new study based on the personal diaries…

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A predator drone flying high above a landscape.

Dear diary

Personal diaries can help understand how society approaches 'grand challenges' such as war, starvation and poverty, says a study co-authored by Shaz Ansari at Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Shahzad Ansari The analysis of unsolicited personal diaries can help in…

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Close up of a man writing in a diary with a pen.


A summary of recent research and other initiatives from Cambridge Judge Business School. Every element of business concerns, in some way, reputation – ranging from a firm's reliability, to its customer-service profile, to its stock market performance. Many studies by…

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Reputation. A speech bubble with one heart inside.