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Shonali Banerjee

How do we #ShiftThePower in philanthropy?

by Dr Shonali Banerjee, Research Associate at the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy This summer, our team at the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) launched the #ShiftThePower monthly seminar series, which brings together prominent voices from the Global South and the…

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Ambika Satkunananathan, Dr Bheki Moyo, Ese Emerhi, Lauren Bradford, Clare Woodcraft and Dr Kamal Munir.

Intimate technologies for affective development

In her recent piece "Intimate technologies for affective development: how crowdfunding platforms commodify interpersonal connections" for Third World Quarterly, Dr Shonali Banerjee shares findings from her research with philanthropic crowdfunding platforms in India. Hailed by many as transformative fundraising tools for…

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Shonali Banerjee.

The Centre of Strategic Philanthropy’s debut executive education course

by Zhiwan Rong, Research Assistant at the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy Last month the Centre debuted its executive education programme, entitled 'Strategic Philanthropy in Emerging Markets: Maximising Impact'. It was an exciting four-day virtual learning experience, which welcomed a diverse…

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Kamal Munir.