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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Silicon Valley is a big success story, spawning the likes of Google and Apple. But what are the secrets of this success, and what challenges does Silicon Valley face to retain its leadership role? This episode of the Cambridge Judge…

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2018 Debate podcast: Silicon valley.

The Business Station (USA Radio Station): Frugal innovation

Navi Radjou, an innovation and leadership advisor based in Silicon Valley and a Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School is interviewed on Jugaad innovation, and explores why it is a requisite in today's business world. []

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The Times: Start-ups tips from the cradle of tech

Each November, some of America’s smartest entrepreneurs pack their laptops, stow their smartphones and head for the UK ... "There are very few events that offer the opportunity to hear from so many incredible speakers with the sole purpose of…

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Dr Denis Coleman, Symantec: Partners in success!

Dr Denis Coleman, Founder of Symantec Corporation, the fourth largest software company in the world, gives us lessons from his 14 Silicon Valley start-ups.…

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2012 podcast coleman partners in success