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Simon Taylor

Why it’s so important for boards to be diverse

Hedwige Nuyens, Managing Director of the International Banking Federation, talks about the significance of the EU’s Women on Boards Directive in the latest webinar of the CJBS Perspectives series. Hedwige Nuyens One of 7 daughters born to parents in Belgium…

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Group of smiling businesspeople in a morning meeting.

Global Executive MBA opens applications

Admissions open for the new Global Executive MBA programme of Cambridge Judge Business School, taught in both Shenzhen, China, and Cambridge, to provide students with a new international experience. Cambridge Judge Business School today (15 November) begins welcoming applications for…

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A composite image of Cambridge Judge Business School, and the skyscrapers of Shenzhen in China.

Has the US ‘lost’ China a second time?

The shift of US attitudes on China owes as much to American disappointments as it does to changes in China's behaviour, says Simon Taylor, Faculty (Professor level) in Management Practice (Finance) at Cambridge Judge Business School. By Dr Simon Taylor…

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Many American and Chinese national flags together.

No easy fix

The UK faces a 30-year challenge to level up society through building 'critical' mass to make forgotten communities thrive again, Alistair Darling tells the Pembroke Speaker Series @ Cambridge Judge.  Alistair DarlingFinancial Times, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons…

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Community holding hands standing strong together to tackle inequality.

Renew Economy: Ten years on from Fukushima, nuclear power continues to struggle with deeper problems

Dr Simon Taylor, Faculty (Professor level) in Management Practice (Finance) at Cambridge Judge, comments on nuclear power in relation to the 10th anniversary of Fukushima nuclear disaster. “The history of nuclear power is something of a rollercoaster from inflated claims…

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Fukushima: ten years after

A much-discussed "nuclear renaissance" has not occurred due to economic issues rather than the Fukushima disaster a decade ago, says Dr Simon Taylor of Cambridge Judge Business School. A "nuclear renaissance" much discussed in the early part of this century…

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Illustration of a nuclear power plant at dusk, with white smoke billowing upwards into the evening sky.

Leadership lessons: fusion energy

David Kingham, Founder & Executive Chairman of Tokamak Energy, talks to Simon Taylor of Cambridge Judge Business School about the development of fusion power. Dr David Kingham believes that fusion energy can contribute to the world's energy supply while helping…

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David Kingham.

Online alumni festival

Eight faculty members from Cambridge Judge Business School to present at the 30th Alumni Festival of the University of Cambridge 17-26 September. Eight members of the Cambridge Judge Business School faculty will discuss topics ranging from racial inequality to sustainability…

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Alumni festival.

Financial Times: Letters: Climate change risk will challenge even ESG funds

Dr Simon Taylor, Faculty (Professor level) in Management Practice (Finance) at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes in a letter to the Financial Times that climate change will challenge even investment funds focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. (subs)…

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The many shapes of Cambridge Judge Business School engagement in challenging times

At Cambridge Judge Business School, we pride ourselves in our commitment to engaging with businesses, policy-makers and civil-society organisations. We believe that knowledge can be a powerful tool to help different players to improve their practices, policies and to develop…

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Cambridge Judge Business School.