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social change

Systemic dance

Iconic ballets including The Nutcracker and Giselle can provide fresh systems-based thinking about stakeholder relationships in order to address 'grand challenges' such as poverty and climate change, says study co-authored by Dr Thomas Roulet at Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr…

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A ballet dancer leaps into a blue powder cloud.

Activism through ‘masking’

How can organisations disguise campaigns as grassroots movements to challenge protected practices? Paper co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School on child marriage in Indonesia is named Best Article at Academy of Management annual meeting. How do organisations oppose practices that…

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Black and white photo of a woman holding a mask away from her face to reveal a serious expression.

Cultural shift

Organisational culture is a "tool" for social change, says new article co-authored by Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville. Organisations can help employees navigate their company’s culture to foster social and sustainability goals, says a new article "Organizational culture as a tool for…

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Social change

Study co-authored by Professor Paul Tracey on challenging 'guarded institutions' is featured in Stanford Social Innovation Review. theater white mask A study co-authored by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge Business School about how social change organisations can challenge "guarded…

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