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Cambridge Independent: Cambridge study highlights how social media turns values into negative traits

David Stillwell, Professor of Computational Social Science and Director of the Psychometrics Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School, speaks about the consequences of privileging hostile or negative content on social media. “Even words connected to politics that seem to represent…

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Love and hate: how politics can distort the analysis of sentiment on Twitter

Words like justice and equality are so often used disparagingly on Twitter that it impacts the ability of social media tools to assess whether a tweet is being positive or negative about its subject, according to a recent study from…

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Why businesses need to gain better insights from customers’ photos, videos and audio

Marketers are not adequately tapping audio and visual (AV) data posted on TikTok, Facebook and other platforms that can be more revealing than reviews or ratings, says a new study co-authored by Shasha Lu of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr…

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Nature: Social media enables people-centric climate action in the hard-to-decarbonise building sector

A study co-authored by Kamiar Mohaddes, Associate Professor in Economics & Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in this article about the role of social media in climate action. Read the full article []…

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How to boost social media engagement for climate-change action

Public sentiment on social media (including fear, sadness and anger) is highly reactive to global policy actions, finds study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School based on more than 250,000 tweets over a 13-year period. Dr Ramit Debnath Public sentiment…

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The Conversation: Shareholders are suffering most from Elon Musk’s Twitter feud – here’s why both sides must renegotiate the deal

Hamza Mudassir, Lecturer in Strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about the recent Twitter’s stock fall. “Elon Musk’s recent highly public back and forth with Twitter has given the market whiplash. Twitter, while initially resisting the tycoon, went on…

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The Times: TikTok workers burn out trying to match Chinese

People managing Tik Tok’s e-commerce in China often end up sleeping in the office, article says. [In China] "Young people live in their offices and put their jobs ahead of their personal lives to a degree that is not the…

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What effect could Elon Musk’s investment have on Twitter innovation?

Elon Musk’s investment in Twitter to make him the largest shareholder could boost the social media platform’s innovation, says an article in The Conversation by Cambridge Judge lecturer and MBA alumnus Hamza Mudassir (MBA 2012). Hamza Mudassir (MBA 2012) The…

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Bored Panda: 40 hard-to-believe facts shared by the “Unbelievable Facts” Facebook page

Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, explains that conspiracy theories are first and foremost collective narrative and so, “they make people feel part of a group.” According to him, “they are not necessarily trying…

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Catching paedophiles

Novel study in the Academy of Management Journal offers law enforcement an embedded view of the practice of 'hunting' paedophiles – which also has implications for other controversial closed communities enabled by social media. "That's him, sure of it", said…

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