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Protective measures

Three steps can help firms address vulnerabilities that can lead to supply chain cyberattacks, says a Harvard Business Review article from the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School. Companies should take three steps to address vulnerabilities that…

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3D cyber security concept showing padlocks within a hexagon grid.

Forbes: IBM think 2021- all in on hybrid cloud and AI

According to a report by Cambridge MBA students “programmers spend 50.1% of their work time not programming; half of the rest of their time is spent debugging.” A team of five MBA students worked with Undo, a provider of a…

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Forbes: Why software bugs are like mini outages

A report by Cambridge MBA students found that “developers waste 620 million hours a year debugging software failures, which ends up costing companies approximately $61 billion annually.” The team of students worked with Undo, a provider of a software failure…

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Venturing Forth: Visionogy

Helping companies tell a big story in short bursts. When it comes to video advertising in the age of distraction and constant scrolling, brevity is a tactic that companies and agencies often use to cut through the noise. But presenting…

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DevOps: Report: Debugging efforts cost companies $61 billion annually

Around 620 million developer hours a year are wasted on debugging software failures, at a cost of roughly $61 billion, says a report by Cambridge MBA students. The team of students worked with Undo, a provider of a software failure…

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Research by Cambridge MBAs for tech firm Undo finds software bugs cost the industry $316 billion a year

A team of five Cambridge Judge Business School MBA students made headlines in the press for the work they completed during their Cambridge Venture Project (CVP) for software fim Undo Ltd. As part of their CVP, Graham Carver, Lisa Jeng,…

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