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solar energy

Bringing solar power to India

CEO of Orb Energy, Damian Miller talks about his mission to bring clean solar energy to developing countries. Join podcast series host Conrad Chua, Executive Director of the Cambridge MBA as we bring you a series of interviews with students,…

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Financial resilience for off-grid solar

Diversification of funding sources is more important than ever say the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and World Bank. By Davinia Cogan, Jonathan Cooney and Dana Rysankova Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.Mike Tyson Sadly,…

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New report sheds light on financing for off-grid solar

The World Bank and the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), based at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, have published a joint report that examines a wide range of financing solutions for delivering Off Grid Solar (OGS) electricity…

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A central banker who rode a solar-powered bike across the Sahara

Simon Milward (MBA 2008) was working in international development before he enrolled at Cambridge Judge and started his own business in solar energy. Now, Simon is at the Bank of England. We caught up with Simon to talk about his…

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Nikkei Asian Review: Asia’s fastest growing tech companies

A company started by a Cambridge Judge alumnus is among the top 30 fastest-growing companies in Asia. Sachin Jain (MBA 2008) is CEO and co-founder of Oriano Clean energy, which specialises in the design and installation of solar power plants.…

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Nine energy trends to watch

Now the energy industry has turned its face to the sun and wind, and is embracing alternatives to fossil fuels, what's next for renewables? We spoke to two alumni and a current Cambridge MBA candidate about their experience with alternative…

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Workshop warms to smart energy

The smart approach to solving our energy problems and decarbonising the economy was the subject of a recent workshop hosted by the Energy Policy Research Group, which is based at Cambridge Judge Business School. The Distributed Generation and Smart Connections workshop,…

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Science Direct: Why the oil companies lost solar

Solar energy is a growing source of electricity supply. Oil companies including BP and Shell recognized this early on and entered the solar industry when it was still in its relative infancy. These companies invested heavily in vertically integrated solar…

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School alumnus’ solar energy company recognised at Energy Awards

Orb Energy, a solar sales and service company based in India and set up by Damian Miller, a PhD alumnus of Cambridge Judge Business School, has been named as a recipient of the Zayed Future Energy Prize in Abu Dhabi…

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