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Financial Times: High ambition as business schools launch space programmes

Dr Nikita Chiu, alumna of Cambridge Judge Business School (MPhil in Technology Policy 2016), speaks about an undergraduate module titled "The Economy of Space" that she will be launching early next year. “There’s no other sector more intriguing than space,”…

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The Sunday Times (Sri Lanka): There are things you can learn even from a pandemic

An interview with Melony Mahaarachchi, aerospace engineer and current Cambridge Judge Business School student (MBA 2019). Melony talks about her career in engineering, studies in Cambridge and what coronavirus pandemic has taught her. “Many think the virus is a phase…

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Business Weekly: Cambridge MBA student pivotal to NASA Mars Rover space mission

Melony Mahaarachchi, a current MBA student at Cambridge Judge Business School, student helped to design the NASA Mars Rover project due to launch on 20 July. “The Mars Rover programme interested me as the budget had been secured, the milestones…

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High aspirations

Melony Mahaarachchi, an MBA student at Cambridge Judge Business School (MBA 2019), helped design the NASA Mars Rover project due to launch on 30 July. By the time Melony Mahaarachchi began her MBA studies at Cambridge Judge Business School in…

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NASA, SpaceX and Boeing – how nearly a decade of rocket design has led one student to business school

With the launch of SpaceX Dragon capsule in June and the planned launch of NASA's Mars Rover in July, space exploration has never been more topical. As the world is slowly coming out of pandemic restrictions, could space be the…

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Space and Satellite Professionals International: 20 Under 35

Cambridge Judge Business School alumna Nikita Chiu (MPhil in Technology Policy 2016) made the 2019 list of "20 under 35" young professionals to watch in the space and satellite industry by Space & Satellite Professionals International. The list features entrepreneurs…

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The Times: Solar blast could knock out the power grid – and your computer

A new risk analysis paper assessing the socioeconomic impacts of space weather to the UK co-authored by Dr Edward Oughton, Research Associate at Centre for Risk Studies, is featured in The Times. “We find that for a one-in-100-year event, with…

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Nikita Chiu on space debris, satellites and public education about space sustainability

Dr Nikita Chiu, a 2016 alumna of the MPhil in Technology Policy programme at Cambridge Judge Business School, worries about an improbable – but potentially catastrophic – scenario: a major orbital collision such as a satellite colliding with space debris.…

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2017 Network Chiu Space Debris.

Driving growth in the UK space sector

The Satellite Applications Catapult names first two sponsorship recipients for the SME Growth Challenge at Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre. The Satellite Applications Catapult, an innovation and technology company focusing on the exploitation of satellite data and technology, awarded its first…

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Severe space weather

The daily US economic cost from solar storm-induced electricity blackouts could total more than $40 billion, with more than half the loss occurring outside the blackout zone, says new study. The daily US economic cost from solar storm-induced electricity blackouts…

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Severe space weather.