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sustainable shopping

The Conversation: The UK wastes millions of tonnes of food every year: here’s how we can change that

Yasemin Kor, Beckwith Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses food wastage problem in the UK and how we can change that. “Research shows that preventing food waste at its source in this way can save nine…

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Watching our waste

Supermarkets and consumers can both change their behaviour to reduce food waste, says Professor Yasemin Kor of Cambridge Judge Business School. Consumer expectation of cheap food and retailers' fear of losing sales has created a "race to the bottom" that…

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Wasted food in a bin liner.

The ‘P’ word

Plastic has become a malevolent symbol of our wasteful society. It's also fundamental to almost every aspect of our lives. How do we shift our 'take, make, throw-away' plastic world towards 'recycle, recover, re-use'? Experts, including Dr Khaled Soufani, Director…

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The ‘P’ word.

Cambridge Independent: Sook’s first regular customer is organic fare supplier unpckd

A startup that offers package-free household products to consumers is a first pop-up retail customer at Sook’s retail site in Norfolk Street, Cambridge. Tracey Banks, founder of unpackd, says people can pop in on Fridays to browse the stock; additionally…

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Venturing forth: unpckd – every plastic package counts

A startup supported by the Cambridge Social Ventures programme at Cambridge Judge Business School offers waste free alternatives and hopes to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly shopping. Tracey Banks, founder of the unpckd venture that delivers package-free household products to…

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