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A shared direction

As Michael Kitson succeeds Dr Jane Davies as Director of the Cambridge MBA programme this autumn, they discuss teamwork, the Cambridge ecosystem, and the importance to business education of understanding different cultures. Dr Jane Davies The Cambridge MBA baton passes…

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Learning from workplace failure

Employees can learn from failure if their teams offer psychological safety and provide informational resources, says study co-authored by Dr Andreas Richter of Cambridge Judge Business School. Perhaps all employees, at some point, fail in ways large and small –…

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Five key lessons on sport and business

Cambridge Judge Business School academics share their thoughts in advance of the big Varsity rugby matches between Cambridge and Oxford at Twickenham. Nick Koster (Social Innovation 2017), CURFC Captain at the Varsity Match 2018. Business and sport have much in…

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Project incentive systems

'Free riding' has a bad name, but it may be a necessary burden if firms adopt proper incentive systems for cross-functional projects, says a study by Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat of Cambridge Judge Business School. The "free rider" concept has a long…

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The Wall Street Journal: Running a team is becoming a ‘science’ for academia and the corporate world

The article in a special publication The Business of Football looks at the parallels between football and business – how are they similar and what the differences are. Mark de Rond, Professor of Organisational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School,…

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From the military to Cambridge Judge

Cambridge Judge Business School has attracted quite a few people from military backgrounds, and they've learned new approaches to leadership and team dynamics that go beyond the chain of command. After six years as an officer in the US Navy,…

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The Irish Times: Hard skills get you hired, poor soft skills could get you fired

Mark de Rond, Professor of Organisational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on high performance teams and hard and soft skills. Mark spent some living and training with the Cambridge Rowing team as part of his research. He says…

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Information is power. Here’s what to do to get your team to share information better.

Are you happy to share information with your colleagues? And do they share their valuable information with you? A number of companies have realised that withholding key information within the organisational silos might happen more often that we might like…

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Why leadership is not all about YOU

When, in 2012, US businessman Arne Sorenson became the first ever head of the Marriott Hotel chain in its 88-year history to be appointed from outside the Marriott family, he had a surprisingly modest vision of how the company would…

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Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker, Non-executive Director of Tesco, CNH Industrial and TomTom, and Chair of the Van Leer Group Foundation

Despite high-powered jobs at Shell, McKinsey and Unilever, Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker has a surprising take on what a true leader looks like. The greatest lesson of leadership is that it isn't about you. When you're young you put your efforts…

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