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GE’s grip on airlines

The breakup of General Electric shines a spotlight on GE's once-dominant role in the airline industry through aircraft leasing, engines and financing, says a new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge that examines "Why do unsuccessful companies survive?" The announcement this…

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View down the side of an aircraft while flying in the sky, scattered clouds in the distance.

Period of chaos

New rules needed for modern information technology that now undermines civility and fulfils the ancient 'dream of tyrants' for sweeping surveillance, historian Yuval Noah Harari tells Cambridge Judge Business School webinar. Professor Yuval Noah Harari Society needs new rules for…

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Yuval Noah Harari and Jonathan Haidt.

College solutions

Moneythink, an ed-tech nonprofit co-founded by Cambridge Judge alumnus Greg Nance (MPhil Management 2011), receives $980,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Moneythink, a San Francisco-based educational technology nonprofit co-founded by Cambridge Judge Business School alumnus Greg Nance…

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Student smiling and carrying books and a backpack as he walks down his college steps.

Joining up

Cambridge Quantum Computing, founded by Cambridge Judge Fellow Ilyas Khan, combines with Honeywell Quantum Solutions to create a new company. Ilyas Khan Cambridge Quantum Computing, a quantum computing and algorithm company founded by Ilyas Khan, Leader in Residence and a…

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Computer circuitry.

Cambridge Independent: ‘West can learn from Chinese digital successes’, say Cambridge authors

Western companies can learn how to break free from “the user growth treadmill on which many Western digital businesses are caught” by adopting Chinese business models, says Professor Peter Williamson of Cambridge Judge Business School. “When compared to Silicon Valley’s…

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Business Weekly: Learn from China re profitable digital innovation

An article on China’s digital innovation co-authored by Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, featured in Business Weekly. The article says Western countries should “now copy Chinese firms in adopting digital innovation that generates…

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Turning the tables

Western companies should now copy China for digital innovation, says a journal article co-authored by Professor Peter Williamson of Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Peter Williamson Chinese companies have long been accused by Western rivals of stealing intellectual property, but…

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Project Syndicate: The state’s new balancing act

Jaideep Prabhu, professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses the role of new digital technologies to state's government based on his new book “How Should a Government Be?” “Today, new digital technologies and organisational structures can enable the…

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Beyond Uberisation

Technology is now entwined with work and society, so the study of organisations needs to move beyond a narrow view of tech as a mere tool for managerial efficiency, says a new journal article co-authored by Dr Stella Pachidi of…

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Person using a tablet surfing internet with futuristic background.

Fast Company: ‘Roblox’ isn’t just a gaming company. It’s also the future of education

Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow in Strategy and alumnus (MBA 2012) at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about Roblox company and its potential to becoming an important player in primary and secondary education. “The platform has not been popular with instructors…

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