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Terence Tse

Circular economy

A special issue of Thunderbird International Business Review is guest-edited by Dr Khaled Soufani and two others associated with the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Khaled Soufani The Director, a current and a past Fellow of…

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Circular view on a city.

Circular and special

Director Khal Soufani and two Fellows of the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge are guest editors of a new special issue of the California Management Review on the circular economy. The Director and two Fellows of the Circular Economy…

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2018 News: Circular special.

Publishing Executive: What is natural language processing and affective computing

Cambridge Judge Business School’s fellows Dr Mark Esposito and Dr Terence Tse co-authored an article about natural language processing and how computers can recognise and interpret languages, for example by employing chatbots. Read the full article [ subscription only]…

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Technology and farming

'Vertical farming' can help address food security issues, says new article in Stanford Social Innovation Review authored by Cambridge Judge academics. Vertical farming, which uses technology to produce food in vertically stacked layers, could help address food security issues in…

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Circular defence

The Circular Economy Research Initiative at Cambridge Judge Business School has been chosen by the European Defence Agency for study on circular economy issues in the defence sector. The Circular Economy Research Initiative at the School has been contracted for a…

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