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The ‘present’ is not only a moment in time, finds award-winning sustainability paper

A study co-authored by Helen Haugh of Cambridge Judge that finds a 'long present' in the thinking of African tea producers wins a Responsible Research in Management Award from the Academy of Management. Dr Helen Haugh Songwriters have long found…

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Tracking pandemics

New study co-authored by Dr Paul Kattuman of Cambridge Judge develops new time series models to predict epidemic trajectories before they reach peak. A new study co-authored by Dr Paul Kattuman, Reader in Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, develops…

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3D data visualisation of the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus across Europe.

Timely advice

Working from home saves commuting time but there are ways to use that extra time more wisely, says Harvard Business Review article co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge. Millions of hours of commuting time are being saved by…

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‘Moral identity’ and cues key to charitable time giving

Charities 'want your time' and not just money: new study co-authored at University of Cambridge Judge Business School identifies factors that lessen 'time aversion' in charitable giving. Charities have long wrestled with the issue of persuading people to donate their…

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