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Toby Norman

‘Last mile’ fingerprints

Simprints, awarded $2.45 million in new grant money, targets the developing world with fingerprinting technology to help deliver healthcare to 1.1 billion people with no formal identification. The popular conception of fingerprinting often stems from television detective drama, when a…

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The Times: Simprints wins $2m Saving Lives at Birth prize

Simprints, a startup that developed a biometric fingerprint scanner allowing health care workers in developing regions to access patients’ records through the touch of a finger, was awarded a $2m grant from Saving Lives at Birth. The money will be…

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World Economic Forum: Meet social entrepreneurs of the year

Toby Norman, co-founder of the startup Simprints, has been named the Schwab Foundation's 2017 Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Simprints is a social enterprise committed to improving the lives of the poor. Accurately linking people to their digital records is…

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Worshipful Company of Marketors Award for Cambridge Judge alumnus

Toby Norman, a former PhD student at Cambridge Judge Business School (2011-2015), has won the 2015 Worshipful Company of Marketors Award for outstanding performance in marketing at the postgraduate level. The award comes with a cash prize of £1,000. Toby’s…

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