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Tom Gribbin

BBC Sportshour: “We can be a trojan horse for change”

Tom Gribbin, Cambridge Judge Business School alumnus (MBA 2013) and CEO of Planet League, talks with BBC about sports impact on climate change. Listen to the podcast []…

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Green football trophy win

Cambridge United win the CUP26 trophy for green activity awarded by Planet Super League, which was co-founded by Cambridge MBA alumnus Tom Gribbin (MBA 2013). Tom Gribbin (MBA 2013) Cambridge United Football Club won the CUP26 trophy for climate-enhancing activity…

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Photo of a traditional football ball on green football field during bright sunny day.

Football environment

Planet Super League, co-founded by Cambridge Judge MBA alumnus Tom Gribbin (MBA 2013), is a football tournament like no other. This time, it’s up to the fans to win it for the club by completing planet-saving activities. Stepping out in…

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View of the world from space - the world looks like a football.

Football fans go to the polls

With less than a month before the 2014 World Cup, Cambridge MBA student Tom Gribbin and his brother Ben have launched an app where football fans can post polls, vote on the burning questions surrounding their favourite teams, and see…

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