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Human Resources: Here’s why you shouldn’t tell staff to bcc you in emails

People in offices think colleagues who bcc a supervisor are “less moral” and “less fit to be the team leader”, but cc’ing the supervisor also carries its own baggage in reducing trust. A better bet is to rewrite the email…

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Avoid bcc’ing the boss

People who bcc the supervisor in emails are seen as "less moral" and "less fit" to be team leader, finds study led by Cambridge Judge Business School researchers outlined in new Harvard Business Review article. What’s an office worker to…

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Business Insider: The habit that creates a culture of distrust at work

Copying your boss into an email to your colleague could backfire, says a study by David De Cremer, KPMG Professor in Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School. Cc’ing supervisors into emails between co-workers, even if done in good faith,…

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Cc’ing the boss can ‘backfire’

"Cc'ing" supervisors to emails between co-workers erodes trust among office colleagues, finds study at Cambridge Judge Business School, outlined in Harvard Business Review. Copying, or "cc'ing" supervisors into emails between co-workers, even if done in good faith, erodes trust between…

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Transparent illusions

Transparency in business can backfire if not handled correctly, Cambridge Judge Business School Professor David De Cremer writes in Harvard Business Review. Transparency can be a beneficial force in business, but it can also backfire if not handled correctly, Professor…

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‘Form over substance’ in new UK company reporting rules?

New UK disclosure rules did not curb CEO pay or improve pay-performance link, but instead led to "opportunistic reporting" for reputation management, finds study by Cambridge Judge Business School and King's College London. The first year of new UK disclosure rules…

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Anne Bouverot, GSMA: Transparency is paramount in organisational change

Director General of the GSMA, Anne Bouverot, stressed the importance of 'transparency' in dealing with staff involved in merged companies when she addressed MBA students in her Cambridge Leadership Seminar. GSMA is the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association - an alliance…

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